Stat info at your service.

In a Pokémon battle and not sure if Hippowdon is physically or specially weaker? Trying to figure out whether you'll outspeed that obscure Pokémon you've only seen once or twice?

PokéStat is an app designed for any product supporting Amazon Alexa, which can provide any Pokémon's base stats on demand, including alternate forms, Mega Evolutions, and Primal Reversions! Simply call the app through a phrase like, "Alexa, open PokéStat" and quickly gain access to valuable stat information.

What kind of phrases does PokéStat read? Phrases like:

"What are Mega Mewtwo Y's base stats?"
"What are the base stats of Primal Kyogre?"
"What base stats does Dragonite have?"

You can continue to ask questions as the app continues to run, but if you need to exit, a simple "Thank you" will do it!

Screenshot of PokéStat Alexa Card Backend

Link to Github repo: PokéStat