A repo for random programs written in C. https://epic.memes
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Luiserebii 419e3bd9fd
Neat, tying this to a Makefile works perfectly :)
1 year ago
autotools/sum Neat, tying this to a Makefile works perfectly :) 1 year ago
control-flow Terrible goto program example completed 1 year ago
extra/argtable Finishing up simple-diff example, argtable seems ok to use 1 year ago
make Attempt to play with Autotools (need to figure out .gitignore for this) 1 year ago
random/rock-paper-scissors Ok, great, everything is compiling, and running as I've hoped! Only thing is, this needs some organizing and structure; this is something that I haven't quite tackled yet, so I will leave it like this for the time being 1 year ago
types/primitive-types Working on file messing with primitive types and qualifiers 1 year ago
.gitignore Adding a new Make example, which is... ok, it runs, but I think this implicit rule is really best for just one file really 1 year ago
README.md Initial commit 1 year ago


C Memes

A repo for random C programs