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  Luiserebii 5f2edbd393
Adding info on safestrcpy/safestrcat in README.md 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 1592e0dc16
Updating README.md on cstring 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 766759ee9e
Modfiying corrected cstring interface, much smoother, and updated Makefile to test 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 24328179fb
Refashioning new method to allow for conditional compilation, giving us the override feature we want (tested this out on a seperate piece of code, should work) 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 6824f170f7
Worked out logic, fixed string/vector bug, and string should now be const-correct with cstr()! 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 97a4876457
Seems like we've fixed things, more or less, by "overloading" vecto_init, though we're getting some serious memory issues via valgrind; perhaps not as simple as I thought 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 033d9c3687
Ahhh, I see the segfault for an empty string; we need to ensure that there's allocation for at least some null-terminator to exist 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 2698399ca7
Attempting to refactor vector for string 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 0824a9ca00
Minor attempt to try to make string cstr() const-correct; deciding to allocate one more for the null term behind the scenes, but required expanding everything, and needs a rewrite. (There is one way to potentially refactor this by giving vector a way to maybe use a macro for allocs that can be supplanted...) 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 64f5375f40
This is a little tough... our interface for c-strings might be a little screwed, committing it though 10 months ago
  Luiserebii d9e728e5a8
Continuing to flesh out this attempt to wrap heap c-strings 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 49d1837293
Writing a new set of idiomatic OO-like functions for a simple heap-allocated c-string 10 months ago
  Luiserebii d1f6dd11f7
Adding fast version of strcat, both safe and non-safe 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 3a2032eca4
Updating README.md to new semantics 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 8288f8da0b
Tests for string transitioned, and passing... and, no leaks possible! 10 months ago
  Luiserebii b8fe774a7a
test-vector-point shift compiling, and successful 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 6d358937dd
Cleared compiler errors, finally, tests running for our vector-int 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 0b552843c7
Finished converting test-vector-int set, now to test for compilation errors 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 3066e5902d
Continuing to make appropriate rewrites to tests 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 0b21c9585c
Undergoing mass vector test renaming to also correct for current default scheme (vector_type_function) 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 1c8a51413a
Finishing up shift to new semantics, now to adjust tests... 10 months ago
  Luiserebii de0297f9f1
Beginning shift to init-deinit, create-destroy semantics 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 3ea09cb357
Corrected for const in vector, and formatting changes in README.md 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 9adf18c396
Minor corrections/adjustments to README.md 10 months ago
  Luiserebii b801f6c405
Updating README.md with algorithm example 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 8172acc4f6
Updating README.md with correct links and a little more documentation 10 months ago
  Luiserebii ae174c4aa9
Tests passing! 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 5c8ed82978
malloc(0) is implementation-defined, resulting in either NULL or a pointer value that can be passed to free(); it can also be ralloc()'d simply, so we can allow grow to receive a size the same size as the vector (like 0), in exchange for saving on a control statement. 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 11f4e79ecd
Hmmm, very interesting; we've found an edge case through being specific with some of these test cases 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 230755183c
Tests passing for string_cmp_cstr 10 months ago
  Luiserebii c920eb008a
Typing up some tests for string_cmp_cstr 10 months ago
  Luiserebii d323bf9595
Minor improvement to string comparison function (I think) 10 months ago
  Luiserebii eef11b237b
Our string comparison is passing... but not as elegant as strcmp, should make a note of this 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 6d501272d9
Toying with different ways of implementing this broken string comparison... this is a little tough, to get to the same level of elegance as strcmp 10 months ago
  Luiserebii fa1ec3c368
Adding tests for remaining string functions 10 months ago
  Luiserebii f670e86ac2
Updating README.md 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 7a2f9a4921
Added vector_asn function to allow for easy vector assignment (future note, should this be a macro? The compiler should inline it anyways, right? If it should be, then _begin and _end should be switched to macros), and shifted string_set_cstr to string_asn_cstr 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 358510717f
Found and fixed bug in string_cmp_cstr 10 months ago
  Luiserebii d05b1c93de
Acknowledging a bug in documentation, and fixing up vector_clear to better reflect what it usually is 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 51f1d8668d
Addition of string_cmp-like funciton headers, and fixed small const-correctness issue in vector 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 290e70dfe2
Implementing string_cmp for string, and c-string 10 months ago
  Luiserebii d1e03c1722
Adding cstring utility functions 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 9db845a3af
Adding a string_cat for cstr as string_cat_cstr 10 months ago
  Luiserebii f2ae980f48
Moving include/ files into cstl folder for include convenience, deciding to use this to express this within our test files as well 10 months ago
  Luiserebii f62980016b
Updating README.md 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 376f2abd1d
Ahhh, fixed bugs, tests passing, nice 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 30d4a1d87a
Fixed compilation errors, now to test 10 months ago
  Luiserebii f53df8cfd6
Adding tests for string_cstr(), now to add header file and compile 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 50b506b069
Adding tests for string_cat 10 months ago
  Luiserebii 4f615f93b5
Fleshed out test for setting c-strings to strings 10 months ago