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  Luiserebii 1592e0dc16
Updating README.md on cstring 11 months ago
  Luiserebii 766759ee9e
Modfiying corrected cstring interface, much smoother, and updated Makefile to test 11 months ago
  Luiserebii 64f5375f40
This is a little tough... our interface for c-strings might be a little screwed, committing it though 11 months ago
  Luiserebii d9e728e5a8
Continuing to flesh out this attempt to wrap heap c-strings 11 months ago
  Luiserebii 49d1837293
Writing a new set of idiomatic OO-like functions for a simple heap-allocated c-string 11 months ago
  Luiserebii d1f6dd11f7
Adding fast version of strcat, both safe and non-safe 11 months ago
  Luiserebii d1e03c1722
Adding cstring utility functions 1 year ago