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  Luiserebii efb84d4a40
Fleshed out new passing 'failure on no n passed' test, fixed a minor bug. Added 404 test, but failing 2 years ago
  Luiserebii eb7941ba25
Added looping for API tests 2 years ago
  Luiserebii c8272711be
Fixed small variable naming issue in API 2 years ago
  Luiserebii be5ee505f2
Refactored API tests, shortened looped fibs for sake of readability 2 years ago
  Luiserebii ef68a8e96f
Added README.md 2 years ago
  Luiserebii 8fc32c17a7
Changed test script to "mocha --exit" (seems to work?) 2 years ago
  Luiserebii a3bc118e0d
Ok, so, it's sort of working well, but supertest server doesn't seem to close, and it just sort of hangs until I manually close it D: 2 years ago
  Luiserebii b73c8bdcff
Messing with supertest... some things failing, some things working 2 years ago
  Luiserebii 9d32a3f342
Great, working API at /v1/git diff --cachedgit diff --cached 2 years ago
  Luiserebii 97af8d8e8e
Added basic routing and 404 middleware, along with app.listen 2 years ago
  Luiserebii 2f15614486
Added basic express app.js, and created app_v1.js file in routes 2 years ago
  Luiserebii 07df1e304b
Added repo listing in package.json 2 years ago
  Luiserebii a48b98c52a
Added loop test; uses own function to calculate Fibonacci numbers from 1-100, and check if they are consistent and return true! Pretty neat little test case, but...perhaps not to be used all the time 2 years ago
  Luiserebii 9d8b726134
Initial commit 2 years ago