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  Luiserebii 49e27f2ec1
Minor changes, minor additions 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 2eb705e7fe
Minor additions 1 year ago
  Luiserebii b711287e25
Finishing up documentation 1 year ago
  Luiserebii f73a19975f
Adding documentation on functions testing for integer equality 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 6e916278be
Basic attempt at documentation 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 36f302b8c0
Reorganizing README.md 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 3ce9e13503
Added these meta-tests for CircleCI 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 4e2769b2bf
Test written and generally working, now to integrate in CircleCI 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 88d244d97f
Beginning to set up pair of tests to ensure return type is correct 1 year ago
  Luiserebii c0ef33dd73
Minor bug caught, forgot to return exit code from test_end() 1 year ago
  Luiserebii c33fb9c0af
Correcting .circleci now that it is responsive, let's see 1 year ago
  Luiserebii df7439c923
Updating README.md with more thorough detail on output 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 8e87f766bd
Updating README.md 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 5978f91257
Wow... appears to work perfectly... we need to write some smaller tests using the framework itself 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 417fc98590
Finished writing out test_end, and a small test to now run 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 63cae27369
Minor fix, and adding of counters for number of tests passing and succeeding, let's try to write test_end() with this now 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 5d6f3d470a
Ahhh, nice, working as intended, I think just a few things are left to round this out 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 8e23614a07
Neat, seems our rewrite is ok, just need to prepend 0x now (should it be a macro, I wonder) 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 31b623a1db
Oooo, some success after our little debug session here, no segfault! Just a few things that I did notice whil in gdb: 1 year ago
  Luiserebii f658c0fad5
Found some bugs, attempting to fix 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 75c5bb353f
Added tests, and yup, a segfault 1 year ago
  Luiserebii acc6363ea7
Cleared up assembler errors, now to test... 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 2d2a219856
Finished up test_assert_equal_memory, though need to test 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 596cab00c8
Retooled memcpy_v to return nth byte, now to rework test_assert_equal_memory for this 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 15e42b41dd
Addition of memcpy_v (as in, memcpy_verbose) to return found and expected byte values into a buffer 1 year ago
  Luiserebii d5d82c580b
Neat, added test, and it seems our basic string assert is working 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 70c9d2e988
Adding test_assert_equal_string and len version 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 87c4f0b011
Updating name to Mint-x86asm32 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 1241ffb2de
Adding .circleci config.yml, let's see if this runs 1 year ago
  Luiserebii f9a46fb1ae
Adding LICENSE.md 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 70c5c7e842
strcmp does appear to work, though I am reminded that there is a more efficient way to write it 1 year ago
  Luiserebii fa81fd866d
Ahhh, ok, I think I found the segfault, let's see if this is working 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 3580f8e4dd
Hmmm, this segfault might be a little tricky... thought it might be the char 1 year ago
  Luiserebii b2cbbf1132
Made modficiations to use n as a local variable; interesting situation where we can sort of prove need to free a register... 1 year ago
  Luiserebii a92cf5aa10
Writing memcmp now that we have thrown together some pseudocode: 1 year ago
  Luiserebii becb04d556
Ahhh, yes, our hex is working, very nice, very clean 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 1c280872ef
Nice, octal working~ 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 42b325f168
Added assert_equal for oct, tried to do it in a way where initial digit is 0 (prepend) and add tests, let's see if it works 1 year ago
  Luiserebii ff7580f60e
Debugged, nice, our binary thing is working, the other two are similarly trivial; however, they will need something prepended 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 5f64b3463c
Ohhh... two typos, an %esp, %esp and a missing ret... that's funny, thanks gdb 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 178aae10fd
Ahhh, the legendary segfault... the segfault of legend... yes, it is welcomed 1 year ago
  Luiserebii b611ee1ff7
Adding macro for test_assert_equal, and implementing test_assert_equal_uint 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 0a8087ce3b
Excellent, they print well... this is good 1 year ago
  Luiserebii c120dfb960
Added print functions for writing success and fail lines, now to test 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 361fa2cd52
Implemented write_success_line 1 year ago
  Luiserebii ee5043a4cb
Wrote up write function for fail line, now to do the same with success line 1 year ago
  Luiserebii da6a471f51
Writing of string literals for final line printout, and writing of function to write a fail final line to the buffer 1 year ago
  Luiserebii b908fdd9b7
Ahh, yes... yes yes yes... thank you GDB, forgot len addition (checked C pseudocode, and yup, it was that)... I think we have a working atoi right now 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 165a3381ef
Corrected the issue; thank you GDB 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 2fce8266ce
Added a small test, and... lol nuts, a segfault 1 year ago