Pokémon stat tool for the Amazon Alexa, using the Alexa Skills Kit. https://serebii.io/pokestat
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PokéStat is an app designed for any product supporting Amazon Alexa, which can provide any Pokémon’s base stats on demand, including alternate forms, Mega Evolutions, and Primal Reversions! Simply call the app through a phrase like, “Alexa, open PokéStat” and quickly gain access to valuable stat information. PokéStat is written using the Amazon Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) and Java for the AWS Lambda backend.


PokéStat accepts phrases such as:

  • “What are Mega Mewtwo Y’s base stats?”
  • “What are the base stats of Primal Kyogre?”
  • “What base stats does Dragonite have?”

To end PokéStat, just use any of Alexa’s default closing or end phrases. Alternatively, PokéStat has the in-built phrases:

  • “Thank you.”
  • “Thank you, PokéStat.”
  • “That’s enough, PokéStat.” which will also trigger its end.

File Structure

The file structure is primarily based on the ASK example folder and Maven build structure.

  • src/main/java/pokestat: Holds the source files for the project.

    • speechAssets: Contains the IntentSchema, utterances file, and slot type information.
  • target: Contains the exports of the Maven build, including .jars

  • pom.xml: Simply the Maven pom.xml, build information


Navigate to the main directory, /pokestat, and run:

$ mvn assembly:assembly -DdescriptorId=jar-with-dependencies package

Future Implementation

  • Adding ability to prompt PokéStat for specific stats (e.g. “What is Vaporeon’s base HP stat?”)
  • Pokemon stat analysis function, giving the user a specific Pokémon’s stronger stats, its weaker ones, and giving a short analysis on what the user should do if facing the Pokemon.


A. Pokéapi - Great RESTful Pokémon API, utilized when constructed the database file this application uses: http://pokeapi.co/

B. Creating a .jar Deployment Package Using Maven - Just as the title says, may help give better idea of file structure: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/lambda/latest/dg/java-create-jar-pkg-maven-no-ide.html

C. Echosim.io - Useful Alexa testing tool: https://echosim.io/


Website: http://serebii.io/pokestat/