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Adding LGTM badges пре 1 година
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Update README.md logo image link to HTTPS to match new SSL cert пре 2 година
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Updated pom.xml to fix org.eclipse.jetty jetty-server vulnerability. No idea if it'll still work afterwards lol, but I imagine it should пре 2 година
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Create LICENSE пре 2 година
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Small update пре 2 година
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Minor edit to README.md, fixing ##features not appearing пре 2 година
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  Luiserebii 285fbca7c4 Cleaned up some of the unnecessary files. пре 4 година
  Luiserebii d9c437f1ee First commit - PokeStat v1.0. Has welcome message, accepts user prompts and returns base stats, works with alternate forms, Mega Evolutions, and Primal Reversions! пре 4 година