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  Luiserebii 698e07577d
Adding some questions 2 years ago
  Luiserebii 74e57a3d8f
Adding some brainstorming 2 years ago
  Luiserebii fa50ea645d
Planning React app 2 years ago
  Luiserebii 25d259c4fe
Adding initial setup of time_tracking_app 2 years ago
  Luiserebii f7e59d3a37
Managed to get multiple mons appearing! 2 years ago
  Luiserebii 4602c50d84
Corrected image links for other 7 mons 2 years ago
  Luiserebii f871d505e1
Wow, actually got a working local versiongit add * ! Everything pops up and runs well without errors. Neat! 2 years ago
  Luiserebii aeac521d3d
More debugging 2 years ago
  Luiserebii 50ab4cab8f
Added utf-8 declaration; trusn out it's necessary for babel 2 years ago
  Luiserebii 6e83f1d302
Finishing off basic component render() function 2 years ago
  Luiserebii 10047dc0d6
Fleshing out output within app.js 2 years ago
  Luiserebii db357b37b8
Added more mons; 8 in total ATM 2 years ago
  Luiserebii 2b6a3f82e3
More mons added 2 years ago
  Luiserebii 54ec33dc98
Adding seed.js with basic data for mini-project 2 years ago
  Luiserebii 319882f166
Initial commit 2 years ago