15 Commits (v0.0.7-alpha)

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  Luiserebii 8a83db5454
Bumping up version to v0.0.7-alpha 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 797dc9fc8b
Really minor improvement, removing console.log 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 7d4701c6b3
Bumping up version to v0.0.6-alpha 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 25b262cd29
Major error corrected; forgot to export SolAssert 1 year ago
  Luiserebii ed73a14a49
Minor re-organization, so bumping version up 1 year ago
  Luiserebii a9f4dbb624
Edits and corrections to README.md, placing errors.js in index.js module 1 year ago
  Luiserebii a5a4183dcc
Adding badge 1 year ago
  Luiserebii df4a11aac6
Updating README.md with example usage 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 572b5bb8c0
Adding README.md, bumping up version 1 year ago
  Luiserebii f0e2187bcf
Adding basic description to errors.js as well as sample string 1 year ago
  Luiserebii eea38bb05e
Adding .gitattributes 1 year ago
  Luiserebii d9fe535f42
More fleshing out 1 year ago
  Luiserebii be91774be6
Adding sol-assert.js and basic index.js files 1 year ago
  Luiserebii 5e591829b4
Adding LICENSE 1 year ago
  Luiserebii eafcd65202
Initial commit 1 year ago