A collection of exercises I am completing to study C++ from the book: "Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example". Koenig, Andrew, et. al. Addison-Wesley Professional (2000).

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Playing with C++

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Implementations of the C++ Standard Library in... C. Can creatures armed without wings engage in flight?

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:tada::tada::tada: An ERC721 celebrating the 1st Anniversary of the CryptoDevs Discord! :tada::tada::tada:

Updated 4 months ago

Decoder for the Ethereum Contract ABI, as according to Solidity documentation:

Updated 11 months ago

Updated 1 year ago

Fullstack React mini-code programs written for the sake of flexing my learning and understanding.

Updated 5 months ago

Conway's Game of Life implemented in JavaFX.

Updated 1 year ago

:trident: A command line tool allowing for easy shifting between git identities (username, email, and GPG).

Updated 2 weeks ago

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A port of git-identity (soon to be renamed "gitid") in Python.

Updated 3 months ago

:droplet::snowflake: Smart Contract built on top of Hydro Snowflake for the following bounty: . Currently a work-in-progress!

Updated 2 weeks ago

:droplet::snowflake: Front-end Hydro Snowflake Dashboard for the Coupon Marketplace described in the the following bounty: Currently a work-in-progress!

Updated 7 months ago

:beginner: JSONDB, but worse. Does JSONDB even exist? Probably not, but if it does not, then I am forecasting its creation.

Updated 2 months ago

A fun Express mini-project, a simple math API server.

Updated 10 months ago

:dragon_face: The ultimate environment for Solidity development. A fully integrated project with all the tools you could need right at your disposal. Get started writing code in a snap.

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